I'm supposed to be working....

The lovely Lizzi tagged all of her readers for this meme. Now, I am tagging all of you!

Available or married?
Not married, but not available either

Best Friend?
All my friends are great! I haven't used the term "best friend" since my "break up" with Jessica at the beginning of this year.

Cake or Pie?
I don't discriminate!

Drink of choice?
Again, I don't discriminate! Shots of tequila? I'm game. Irish whiskey? Count me in. Dirty martini? Hell yeah! Dark rum? Delish! I'd go on but I think I may have revealed too much already.

Essential item for every day use?
Dental floss

Favorite color?
Red--I'm a hooker like that.

I don't know how we ever lived without it! Though, Iamhalal search engine may give google a run fo its money. This new search engine aimed at Muslims keeps the intenet clean. Try looking up "boobs." "Oops! Your seaech inquiry has a Haram level 3 of 3. No boobs for you!"

Hometown: North East, MD

Booze, fine cheese, shoes

January or February?

Kids and their names?
"Papi chulo" and "Puss cat" aka "Pie"--cats are the closest thing to children I will ever have.

Life is incomplete without?
Music...the world stops spinning when the beat stops.

Marriage date?

Number of siblings?

Oranges or apples?
Since apples are fresher in this part of the world, I'll have to go with gala or honey crisp apples.

Phobias and fears?

Quote for the day?
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves," Carl Jung

Reason to smile?
Smiling and laughing is good for the soul :)


Tag 3 people?
You, you and you!

Unknown fact about me?
As much as I yap, there's not much unknown about me. I'll give it a shot though...I was almost expelled from high school the spring of my senior year.

Vegetable you hate?
I have never met a vegetable I didn't like!

Worst habit?
I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

X-rays you’ve had?
Femur, wrists, teeth, spine,

Your fave food?
Pad Thai, Guatemalan style tacos, gallo pinto, mee krob, schwarma, falafel, steamed crabs, latkes...I could go on for days, really.


  1. Hehehehe, I'm supposed to be working too... what they don't know doesn't hurt them...hahaha!

  2. These are fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. You can't tell us you almost got expelled and not tell us why!! No holding out. Bust up the scoop.

  4. Yay, a fellow drinker! Nice to meet you. ;)

  5. Fair enough, Stalker...I was almost expelled for what I like to call being "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

    You see, I was in an honors program my senior year of high school that allowed to me take classes at the local community college half the day. As you know, college classes are not M-F, so I spent most of my free weekday hours hanging with my delinquent friends who were skipping school (and definitely were not in the honors program).

    Long story short, I was at a house that got raided. The eight of us at the house were hauled off in handcuffs to the local criminal investigation unit for questioning. The unit had a cell in the middle of the room where I was kept, cuffed to the bench, until my mom came to get me. Boy was she pissed.

    The next week at school, all eight of us who had been "arrested" were called to the office and given 10 day suspensions, with recommendations for expulsion. I had to go before the school board and argue, with my lawyer, that I should not be expelled since I wasn't hooking school, and because I had already been accepted to college for the fall. I was the only one not expelled.