my strange little world

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are those with short random snippets, so I've decided to explore that style myself. Thank you Lizzi, Brandi, BustySatan and Lora for being my muses.

I accidently bought "light" lager. Ughh. Should I put it out of its misery and toss it off the back porch?

Kayaking is my favorite hobby, because every time we get a few inches of rain I blow off all my chores and hit the rapids. It's nice to live in the moment, even if it's only for a moment.

I'm trying to lose a few pounds before my trip to Paris in November, so I downloaded an app to count calories called "lose it." It seems that the only way for me to trim up and maintain my drinking habit is to skip dinner. That can't be healthy.

Forgiveness is what Yom Kippur is all about, but I can't help but wonder if some actions are simply unforgiveable.

Speaking of Yom Kippur, I am thinking of fasting this year. After my birthright trip to Israel this past March, I have a renewed desire follow Jewish customs that I had given up on.

When I dance, I feel like the whole world is smiling.

Beets are delicious but they turn my pee an odd shade of pink.

Have you ever tried marañón? It's the fruit that produces cashews. When you bite into it, all the moisture is sucked out of your mouth and your tongue feels rough and dry like a cat's.

Whenever I say "Maryland," I say it like "Mara-land." I'm egotistical like that.


  1. I swear the only way i can lose weight it to skip dinner too! Or drink wine so I don't care if i eat dinner because everyone knows you get a better buzz on an empty stomach! LOL

    Loved these :)

  2. Good job. I love the random snippets, too.

    Unforgiveable? oh I have been struggling with this one in the past 12 hours...but "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord. - Deuteronomy 32:35

  3. I love your snippets.

    Even though I grew up celebrating most of what can be celebrated, I really miss the High Holy Days, especially Yom Kippur. I miss the singing, the sense of togetherness, the knowing that Jews everywhere were doing the same thing at the same time, and even the fasting.

  4. your snippets rock.

    I say Maraland too.
    But more like Maralind.

    New name= MaraLinda

    Beautiful Mara.

    Own it.

  5. I like snippets too heeh.

    I really wanna try that tongue sucking thing!

  6. Kayaking..dancing..living in the moment...u r fabulous. Thats what makes life i guess.

  7. when I dance the whole world laughs hysterically....explains why I don't dance often. I tried that fruit but it's called a different name where I'm from....what that name is I couldn't tell you. the effect is very much the same though, actually leaves me feeling literally tongue tied

  8. I say Maryland like that too!! Yay

  9. Hey, snippets work! Long, tedious blog posts just don't work for me...hehehe...oh and Dwight Schrute would be proud of your beet consumption!

  10. Thanks for all the positive feedback! This was a really fun post to write...

    Blackbelt--I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment. Thanks for that.

    Joe Ordinary-- Now I can't help but picture you doing the "funky chicken" on the dance floor. He he.

    Organic Meatbag-- As long as Dwight Schrute is happy, I'm happy.

  11. Skipping dinner was my weight loss technique this summer (that and swimming)! But then living in Spain the main meal is 3pm lunch so skipping dinner is no biggie! :p

    "When I dance, I feel like the whole world is smiling"
    -> are you channeling me?! ;o)

  12. love this! I dig your blog a lot but don't tell you enough, keep them coming.

    I'm stealing Maraland.

  13. I love snippets too. There's guaranteed to be something interesting for everyone :-)

  14. It's, um, probably obvious that I love snippets too. Your snippets are awesome like dancing-around-in-your-underwear-to-Bon-Jovi-in-the-privacy-of-your-own-apartment awesome. Seriously.

    Also seriously? Don't skip dinner. Not 'cause it's unhealthy (though it is) and not 'cause it's a slippery slope to an eating disorder (really, it is), but because it doesn't work so well for losing weight. Constant food intake that overall adds up to fewer calories is what'll boost your metabolism. But I bet you knew that.

  15. Fun blog post! I love writing snippets too. Good luck with the weight loss.

  16. Drinking your dinner is wrong? You sure?

    Darn ...

    Funny post.

  17. Too many things made me smile here! I like the random blogs :)

  18. So, what is Yom Kippur? I am from a town that is entirely christian, protestant, or catholic. EDUCATE ME!
    The snippets were fun...more please!

  19. Thanks for the info on Yo9m Kippur...very interesting. Sounds like it would be nice. I love learning about new religions and cultures

  20. love the snippets. i've been mia lately and love catching up on your posts :)

  21. haha i like that style. i always love random little thoughts of people i love to read. so fun :)