Every little bit counts

Every evening for the past three years, Jack and I have unloaded the change from our pockets into a ten-gallon water jug...quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies and the occasional Shekel or Euro. At first, the coins fell with a thud into the empty jug, but over time that thud became a cha-ching as coins, piled on top of coins. When we first implemented our piggy-bank saving method, we promised the money saved would go toward a vacation or something material and frivolous.

Over the weekend, we cashed in our change at our neighborhood grocery store Coinstar machine. We had to carry the coins over in three batches--the water jug (though nowhere near full to the top) weighed too much to carry. Total, we cashed in more than $450 dollars worth of coins!!!

What will we do with the money, you ask?

We're going to blow it--every last bit of it. Most likely on booze, duck confit and crawfish etoufee during our upcoming trip to New Orleans.

It's true what they say--Every little bit counts.


Bad Cat

The crime scene...

The culprit...

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