Keepin' it real

Fidgeting Gidget, a fellow 20 Something Blogger, gave me the "Honest Scrap" award last week. Be sure to check her out!

While I appreciate all the awards I receive, I especially like this one--and not just because it makes my blog look oh-so tough! This award recognizes bloggers who write honestly and openly and encourages more straightforward and candid conversation by obliging recipients to list 10 honest things about his/her self. Here goes:

1) When I hear people talk about how their father walked out on their family, I am actually a little jealous. Sometimes not knowing is better.
2) I am driven by guilt. Every action I take to better myself and the world around me is an attempt to ward off the guilt I would feel for doing nothing.
3) I was in a horrible car accident as a child and have mechanical scoliosis, an irrational fear of doctors and extreme road rage as a result.
4) Despite my high-power D.C job and urban lifestyle, I am [not so] secretly a dirty hippie.
5) You wouldn't know it from my relative success in life and innocent appearance, but I have a sordid past.
6) Jack is the one person in this universe that knows all the secrets of that sordid past.
7) It took 20 years for me to begin calling my step-dad, just "dad."
8) My dream is to own a small, eco-friendly bed and breakfast in Costa Rica or Panama.
9) I am the most un-photogenic person on earth.
10) I am relatively good at everything I try to do. This is a curse. When I encounter something that causes me to struggle, I just give up.

Now it's my turn to pass on this great award! Here is a list of five blogs I believe embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap:


  1. #s 1, 2, and 9 are toooootally me too. unfortunately. :/

    and #8 sounds incredible!! i hope you're able to do it! i love having huge dreams. it makes life so much more interesting.

    thank you sooo much for the award! i really appreciate it. i will get on it by wednesday, promise!

  2. awe ur not that un-photogenic! ur picture looks really good on ur blog!!!!

  3. Thank You! I hope one day to vacation at your b&b. And I've seen your pictures from Israel-you are not unphotogenic! Now, I'd better get started on my 10.

  4. Is honesty the best policy? Who knows, but it sure makes for an interesting post.


  5. Sordid pasts make you more successful...I fully believe that! And I would so come to your bed and breakfast! Do it!

  6. i totally agree with you (comment you left on my post today). we women are socialized to think we're worthless. all the guilt and insecurity - it's ridiculous! it's gotta stop! i struggle sooo much with it, but when we're living in a culture where almost all women struggle with it, it can be difficult to overcome.

  7. your no. 10 reminds me of my husband. if he feels he wouldn't be good at it, he'd just drop it.

  8. thanks for being so honest and sharing so much about yourself. that's awesome.

    did your scoliosis require you to have surgery? i was born with it and it got really bad so i had rods put in my back when i was 12.

    thanks again for sharing!

  9. I did not have to have surgery for my scoliosis. It is actually the result of a surgery to insert a metal rod into my femur bone. They hit a growth plate and now my left leg is 3/4 in shorter than my right, giving me mechanical scoliosis. I wear a lift on my left shoe to make up for it.