Happy Friday!

The Novelista Barista tagged me in a survey, so here goes:

Eight things I look forward to:
1) Becoming my own boss (one day!)
2) Kayaking season
3) Weekends!
4) Seeing my friends turn their creative talents into careers
5) The day my crazy-ass kitten finally settles down
6) Sipping gin fizzes while sitting on my patio on hot summer days
7) Getting together with friends I haven't seen in a while
8) Fresh, local grown tomatoes

Eight things I did yesterday:
1) Wore a suit with sneakers
2) Received a very nice compliment from a friend
3) Researched Web development training opportunities
4) Drank beer from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag
5) Snuggled with my kitten
6) Drove through the hood with my windows down and Reggeaton blaring
7) Begged my boyfriend to give up his secret plans for my birthday (He knows I hate surprises!)
8) Walked 1.5 miles

Eight things I wish I could do:
1) Do a headstand
2) Bring peace to the Middle East
3) Surf
4) Quit my job and move to the tropics
5) Speak Hebrew
6) Solve world hunger
7) Break-dance
8) Carry a tune

Eight shows I watch:
1) Bones
2) House
4) George Lopez
5) Sponge Bob Square Pants
6) That 70s Show
7) Seinfeld
8) King of Queens

Instead of tagging specific people, I encourage all of you to complete this survey!


  1. I love that you wore a suit with sneakers...rock on. I hope you were wearing it WHILE you drank the beer out of the brown paper bag, too. :)

  2. I definitely was! Thursday is beer day for myself and a fellow commuter. We buy beers at the train station and drink them (from brown paper bags) on the ride home.

  3. I totally love you taste in TV. I've never seen Bones though, and I'm guessing you've never seen Psych, else it should be on your list =P

    For fun, try combing some of those 8 things you want to do together, examples:
    Carry a tune while doing a headstand
    Bring peace by surfing!
    Solve world hunger by Break-dancing!

    Now those sound like fun =P

  4. I wish I could speak Hebrew too!

    And I just went kayaking this week!


    See? :)

    I love your list!