I even teared up a little bit

Lora at Jakezilla (And Oh, the urbanity!...and other secret places in the blogosphere), wrote a post containing some the nicest (and most sincere) things anyone has ever said about me. Here's what she said:
First I'll tell you why I love Mara. I probably already have somewhere in my archives, but bear with me.
I met Mara millions of years ago when we worked at a bar together.
She wore a lot of glitter on her face and hung out at warehouse parties and raves. I did not.
She was a teenager. I was 25.
I didn't think we would get along. I was wrong.
You wouldn't have known it by looking at her back then, but she is one of the smartest, bravest, kindest people I have ever met in my whole entire life. Mara owns Mara and everything that Mara does and Mara tells the world to either lend a hand or fuck off while she works hard to change the things that need to be changed and keep strong the things that need to be kept strong.
There aren't many people in the world you can say that about.
Thank you, Mara, for being such an amazing person and for teaching me that I can't judge a book by it's sparkleysparkley glowstick-slinging awesome-sneakered incredible-titty teenaged cover. It's a lesson I've held close to my heart all these years and it has allowed me to find the beauty and value in people no matter what they look like. Or do from 2am until the break of dawn.
And I miss your eyeshadow and think you should totally bring it back especially now that you have a High Power Government Gig at the DC Castle.
Not only did Lora's compliments give me a major ego boost, but she reminded me of a past self.

Sitting here in front of my dual-screen computer at my Castle office in Washington, D.C., wearing a three-piece suit, it's funny to think back to my "sparkleysparkley glowstick-slinging awesome-sneakered incredible-titty teenaged" self. I was even able to dig up an old photo....

Starscape 2000
(Yes. That goof with me is Jack!)


  1. I love it! You are like a mermaid, with sneaks!

    I miss those times, but it's fun to be grownups together too.

  2. What a nice thing she said :) I'm sure it's the truth. I love the throwback pic too :)

  3. Well its good to know that some of the raving/warehouse party people could end up being amazing people like you. I can't say the same for most of the ones I knew from high school though.

  4. I work hard and play hard! When I met Lora, I was going to school full-time (well shortly thereafter), working to pay my rent and hitting the dance floor 3+ nights a week...I don't have that kind of energy these days, but I definitely still fit in plenty of fun!

  5. Haha, I love her description of you in the end, so cute! I was pretty partial to glitter myself.

  6. I know, Miss Children of the Nineties--you had a blog post dedicated to glittery eyeshadow, if I remember correctly!

  7. Awee that was soooo wonderful!!! u have great friends!!

    ps i am tagging u in a survey thing!

  8. that was sweet. I am lovin Lora's recent mushiness! that is the mara that i remember, i haven't seen her since then!

  9. What a great description by Lora. Even though we've never met in person I can only imagine how fun you'd be to hang out with!