Eco-warrior, part 1

Last weekend there was a festival in my neighborhood,
Go Green! Baltimore
I became a "block leader" for a neighborhood beautification project.
Jack won a huge basket of green cleaning products.
We planted lettuce to grow in the backyard.
And we won a rain barrel.

We will use the water we collect from our roof to water
our tomatoes, herbs and other plants.

Next, we are going to build a raised bed and connect a drip irrigation
system to the barrel. (By drip irrigation system,
I mean a hose with holes poked in it!)


  1. My hubby and I have been making an effort to be more green...well I have been anyways. I use the reusable shopping bags, stopped buying bottled water and paper plates, started recycling...in my lovely little farming community, we aren't too green...any tips you can pass along would be great. I love your rainsaving barrel. I am going to ask Kevin to create one for us!

  2. i love seeing people and their go green initiatives! keep me posted on your next projects!

  3. that is awesome lady! I'm a big advocate of going green, I like seeing communities and individuals taking progressive action! good go!!

  4. Awesome!! Love the rain barrel. I may need a little one for our stray kitties!

  5. I love it. I try to be as green as possible. It is awesome that you are growning a garden. Last year I grew my own spinach. I loved being able to just go outside and grab a handful. I need to plant some soon.

    The rain barrel is also great! Saves a ton of water.

  6. Are those the upside-down tomato planters from the TV commercial? My dad said he was interested in them, you'll have to let me know how well they work!

  7. "As seen on TV" LOL. I got the tomato planters at Home Depot. 10$ each. I will let you know how they work! Supposedly,you can grow other veggies like egg plant and cucumbers in them too.