Help me decide on my next costume!

Thank you everyone who left a comment on my last post complimenting my Coraline-inspired costume.

There are few things in this world that offer me release like dancing to a funky beat. On the dance floor, the only thing that matters is moving my body to the rhythm. Thoughts of bills to be paid, work to be done and chores to be completed, melt away as my mind focuses only on stepping to the beat. The flashing and swirling lights, the awe-inspiring performances and the mass of people moving as one, transport me to care-free world, where anything is possible. Add a costume to the mix, and I become a new person--a better person who is not constrained by society's expectations nor my own inhibitions.

I think a friend of mine said it best when he told me, "it's hard to be shy while wearing a red velvet jump suit and feather boa."

The next costume party on my agenda, is an underwater-themed event in April. Though it's still a couple months off, I'm starting my costume planning now. That's where you come in. I need help deciding between two ideas.

  1. Stingray
    This costume would involve a foil silver body suit, a hand-made stingray fin/tail shaped silver fabric cape that would attach at my back and by loops at my wrists, silver-painted sneakers, and wild silver eyeshadow and lipstick.

  2.  Sea Nymph
    The possibilities are endless--sea shells, scale mail, shiny and sheer fabrics, flowing wig, lots of teals or blues. My concern with this idea, is that there will probably be a bizillion store-bought sexy mermaid or sea nymph costumes at the party. Mine would be unique because I'd make it myself, but there would be girls wearing similar outfits, no doubt.
Leave a comment and let me know which costume idea you like best!


  1. Stingray! There will be a ton of nymphs but how many stingrays with wild silver eyeshadow and lipstick will there be?!?

  2. Cool theme. Stingray for sure. I agree with Lizzi, there will be plenty of sea nymphs.

  3. I think the Stingray sounds hilarious...I agree with Lizzi (and you) that the Nymph thing is probably overplayed...everybody is going for sexy...I still like funny...

  4. It's difficult to out-sexy everyone...however, stingray will be classy...how cool!!

  5. Oh, boy...I'm with you, MJ!

    I love to dance! I even dance at work. People think I'm totally NUTS! I don't care.

    Ok, so I vote for the Stingray. It's sounds unique and very cool!

  6. I'm definitely voting for sting ray.... great idea!

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  8. I vote for sting ray! I saw this jelly fish costume in a magazine last year. An adult adaptation would be pretty cool too: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/jellyfish-costume-785313/

  9. Definitely sting ray!!!

    A costume party? Can I come?!?! I don't think I've ever been to a decent one...

    Damn, I haven't been out dancing in a loooong time! :o( I need to give my friends a kick in the but and get them out to the pubs! I can't believe we actually missed the Carnaval festivities last weekend! (but then, not much fun when it's poring rain outside anyways...)

  10. Sea Nymph! I can picture already, covered with shells, scales, glitter... no matter how many others decide to wear a similar costume, yours will have soul. I know it.

    Aww... I love dancing and dressing up! Please share some pics!

  11. Ok, that's nine for stingray and one for sea nymph. I'm going for stingray! In fact, I ordered my custom made silver body suit last night. Jack helped me measure--what a guy!

    I have to say shopping a custom spandex shop is like a lesson in the freaky-deaky. You can get zippers for your nipples and built in bondage for your arms. Ass zippers and pony hoods....

  12. aghhh that's exactly how i feel about dancing!! ...that i don't know why i don't do it more often or club.. ever. hehe.

  13. I like the stingray idea...you should also look into doing an angel fish too!