What's on my mind...

President Obama won the Nobel Prize.  His receiving the award is quite obviously a political move on the part of our European friends, but that's OK. The move shows support for the president's ideas and confidence in his ability to make those ideas a reality. Everything comes down to politics...

On NPR this morning a critic of the current administration faulted the President for not having made a lot of headway in bringing peace to the Middle East. What an unfair statement. The man has only been in office for 8 months! There has been fighting in the Middle East for thousands of years....

Enough about politics....

I am ready for the long weekend. I'm not big on the idea of commemorating Columbus, but the day off work is much appreciated.

I refuse to buy grocery store tomatoes. I'd rather go without than eat those things.

I also refuse to fall victim to the mass hysteria surrounding swine flu.

My Google Reader has well over 200 unread posts. I'm sorry for not stopping by your blogs this week, but I have been very busy with work. I promise to catch up on each and every one of your posts this weekend. Pinky swear!

Ahh Paris! In just over six weeks, I will spending my days visiting museums, wandering the streets of Paris, picnicking by the Seine, relaxing in Parisian cafes....By night I will be enjoying fine fromage and pain fraîche, and vin, lots of vin. I need to find out about Parisian DJs and best spots for EDM....

My lavender plant is blooming....that means gin time! I make the most delicious drink called a gin fizz, with Bombay Sapphire and lavender-infused simple syrup.

Jack and I go through 12 ounces of whole coffee beans a week. At $10 - $12 a pop, we are talking about a $600 a year coffee habit.

Tomorrow I am going to start my own little crash, refresher course in Spanish. I've been meaning to make time to practice my language skills for a while now.

Also on the agenda for this weekend is a bonfire party on the bay, a trip to the Baltimore Farmer's market, and helping at the Lantern Parade workshop. I plan to spend all day Monday in the kitchen, making ravioli, butternut squash soup, beef stew, tomato gravy and pesto to freeze for the winter.

Have a great weekend everyone! : )


  1. "Barack Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize....Why Not OSAMA? He is been quiet for last few years... Isn't that his contribution to Peace?"

  2. Don't feel bad - I have been so behind on blog reading!

    Bonfire party sounds so fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. MMMM - gin fizz is my favorite, but I've never heard of it done with lavender. I might need to try that.

    As for the swine flu - I also refuse to give into the mass hysteria. I've never gotten a flu shot and refuse to start.

  4. Wow you've got a lot coming up in the next few weeks! Enjoy :)

  5. My first reaction when reading "Obama" and "nobel" was to wonder if you were sharing a dream you had last night... then wondering if I got my calendar mixed up and it's April 1st... then going to Google the two terms. WOW!

    Spanish refresher class right before a trip to France? I'm afraid it won't help! Unless you want to meet up with me in Belgium (right next door!) and practice! Cuando quieras señorita! ;o)

  6. Look at you, all domestic and shiz! :-)

  7. Last time I was in Baltimore, I went to the Farmer's Market and I am obsessed. Next time I am in Baltimore, I will go to your house for a gin fizz.

  8. Just stopping in to say hi! :)
    Found you on 20SB today and am now a follower. Looking forward to reading more.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Can you come to my house and prepare all those tasty goods for my freezer?! Please, please, please have a crepe de chocolat for me from a street vendor. Oh, how I miss those. I would give my left arm for one right now. I buy the good ole' folgers coffee for the weekend and splurge and use my fresh ground whole bean coffee for the weekend when I can really sit down and enjoy it. Saves a little money. Had to start doing that about a year ago.
    And Im with you on the swine flu. Settle down people. It's.the.flu.not.the.plaque. Have a great weekend!

  10. Hola! La verdad es que me cae mal Paris, pero la otra noche tuve un sueno que estaba visitando el pais y desde entonces he querido ir para alla.

    Sorry, on my laptop I cannot figure out the accents and such...but with my regular keyboard I know how...hope that helped your quest for Spanish brush-up.

  11. Hi, just stopping by via CrazyCris"s blog and like what you had to say about the president and the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll bet he was seriously surprised, as well. Have a wonderful time in Paris - to say I am seriously jealous is an understatement.:-)

  12. Take me with you to Paris in Spirit and take LOTS & LOTS of photo's!!!

  13. I am so jealous of your trip to France! Haute.

    I want one of your gin fizz drinks like mad. Sounds delightful!

  14. Sigh. Obama shouldn't have gotten that peace prize but I won't hate. Politics are politics.

    Anyway, sounds like you've been busy! And all that coffee!!! Calm down. Take a break. Read some blog posts. hahaha

    Have a great day.

  15. Wow your weekend sounded way better than mine :) I have been out of commision myself due to work but I'm back!

    Enjoy Paris!

  16. $600 coffee habit? You just made me feel all kinds of good about myself!!

    Have fun in Paris, I'm not jealous at all. Nope. Not at all.

  17. i hope you've had time to relax dear :) i just want to pout when i see all my missed blogs. its so hard to keep up with everything but you stay focused and we'll all be here when you get time :)

  18. Hey ...Happy Diwali.

    And can you send over some gin fizz? :)
    I wait for ur pics and as of a blog visit...take ur time.