Let me count the ways

What I love about Jack.....

He pets my hair until I fall asleep each night.

When he makes me a sandwich, he cuts it into four pieces and turns the pieces of bread so I have the perfect amount of crust in every bite, just like I like.

He smiles the biggest, most-genuine smile when he dances.

He's not afraid to be silly. Just last night, Jack and I sat around making up ridiculous songs to sing to our kitties. "Puss-cat, puss-cat, why you bug-gin'?"

His kisses are deep and passionate.

In the six years that we've been together, he has never raised his voice at me. Not once. This is not to say that we don't have disagreements. We do. But, Jack stays calm when we argue and never resorts to intimidation or personal attacks to win a fight.

When I ask him to do something, he always responds, "as you wish."

I have never know Jack to falter on a promise to me, to a friend, to a family member or an associate for that matter.

He treats his mother like a queen. My mom always told me, "You can tell how a man will treat you as his wife by the way he treats his mother."


  1. and where did you find him? is there a store where we can purchase these? hehe, just playing. you more than anyone deserves someone like this and i am more than happy for you :)

  2. Beautiful post... i believe everyone should stop and count their blessings in this way every so often :)

  3. It can be all too easy to take the little things in life for granted, but really its these small moments, actions, characteristics that define our relationships. Little things like the ones I listed are what separate Jack from all the other men I have ever known and make him so special to me.

  4. Does he have a brother? :)

  5. Sorry ladies, there's only one Jack, and I'm not giving him up! LOL

  6. That was lovely. Have fun.

  7. Great post-modern imageries in here!But hey!U hvn't visited me for a while!Pls c my new poem.


  8. Everyone deserves to feel like Buttercup!

  9. Now I love Jack! :)

    Happy Saturday to you! I am slowly making my way around to all the blogs that visited me when I was featured on SITS to say "Thank you". It is indeed a fabulous SITStahood.
    Be blessed!

  10. What a great post! And your worried about marriage...he sounds like he would be a wonderful husband...for as long as you both shall live.

  11. That is really beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful guy!!