House guest

from Advice and Humor from Mr. Condescending has invited himself to spend a night in my home. Presumptuous, I know.

Anyway, back to our lovely evening Mr. C....
For our main course on this night, we'd have grilled Tilapia
with a tomato and fresh herb salsa, garden-fresh green beans and rice pilaf.

Our meal would be accompanied my mojitos, made with the chocolate-mint from my garden. We'd enjoy our meal and drinks in my lovely backyard.

How does that sound, Mr. C?


  1. Oh superb! Fresh mint from the garden is one of my fav things to have on food!

    What countries have you been to?

    I think I would invite myself over for more than 1 night if that's ok! Loved it hehe

    Oh and I'm stealin a calvin n hobbes book, my all time favorite!

  2. everytime i read your blog i am envious of your amazing life you've made for yourself :) so beautiful!

  3. The idea of your post was amazing. How did you get it?
    And for whatever you have planned, i guess, i would prefer no comments. It would be a joke or belittling your idea for the evening if i would be assigning any word for all that.
    Keep rocking MJ.

  4. Mr. C -- Stay as long as you'd like! I spent this past March in Israel. I've been to Spain, England and Wales. I studied abroad in Costa Rica, did volunteer work in Guatemala and visited a number of other Latin American countries. Oh, and Canada, the most exotic of all - lol

    Nicole -- You are too sweet!

    Garf -- You should do a post like this!! The idea came from Mr. C...the link to his blog is at the beginning of my post--the instructions are there. Do it up!

  5. Mmmm...Tilapia!! AND a mint garden? You are a saint!

  6. everything looks great! i could get down with taoism [and buddhism]! aaand mints from the garden.. awesome! my parents have a mint plant as well. mojitos is one of my fav drinks.

  7. I love books. Pictures of books just make me smile!

  8. Who new my mention of mint would get everyone all excited? Seems like I should host a blogger mojito party sometime! Assuming Mr.C doesn't mind you guys crashing our quiet evening. lol