Lists, lists, lists...I love making lists.

I make lists of things to I have to do—pay bills, pick up dry cleaning, call mom, clean kitchen.
I make lists of things to buy —bananas, apples, cucumber, cilantro, yogurt.
And, lists of things I want for the house—juicer, bean bag chairs, composter, new computer desk.

Once I write something on a list, it becomes my focus, my obsession, and I must GET IT DONE. Unfortunately, I have a nasty habit of making impossible lists with a flurry of bullet points and a dizzying array tasks, which I then stress over completing.

Since I don't expect to change anytime soon, I've decided to embrace and exploit my OCD this minor character flaw by making a new list. This list will not feature errands to be run or necessities to purchase, instead this list will contain things I have been wanting to do but have not had time to do. I figure that if I make the list, I will make the time.
»» My List
  • Speak Spanish more often. I used to speak Spanish fluently, but it's been years since I've used it on a daily basis so my vocabulary and pronunciation are suffering. More importantly, I have lost confidence in my language skills and find myself too shy to speak with Spanish-speaking people. I will suck-it up and shell out the $400+ for Rosetta Stone, levels 4 & 5, and get my practice on and my confidence up.

  • Explore a different neighborhood of Charm City each month and takes lots of photos for my other blog.

  • Design and launch a Web site for my friend Lora's up-and-coming nonprofit Wednesday Spaghetti. A couple of weekends ago I bought a brand-new 24-inch imac and the entire Adobe Web Premium Creative Suite—I've got the tools, so it's time to get crack-a-lackin' on this project!

  • Quit my gym membership and use the monthly savings to justify purchasing an iphone to accompany my new imac. They will play so nicely together!

  • Prepare to "break ground" on my public art mosaic project by the end of next summer or early next fall. The wheels are churning and the ideas flowing. I will write about some of my ideas for this project later this week, so be sure to stop back by!

  • Finish remodeling the basement. Jack and I completely gutted the basement last year, but have done nothing since. We are planning on creating a laundry/mud/storage room, building a bathroom, and having a TV/exercise/dance floor and turntable area. There will be bold color paint and glitter involved.

  • Put together a professional digital portfolio of my Web- and graphic-design projects.

  • Cook one new dish a week. Maybe my Scrumptious Saturday! ladies will volunteer to be my guinea pigs?

  • Make time to practice yoga and pilates more often.


  1. take your time because the legwork is still slow going! but thank you!

  2. I find cooking a new dish well to be a great source of satisfaction...go for it!

    loving the scrumptious saturday idea by the way.

  3. I love lists, too!!! Maybe I should follow your lead and make a list like this, too. I always have these lists in my head, but never put them down to remember them (like cooking a new dish a week). I love that you're so hands-on in your life! It's the way I aspire to be, but rarely get a chance to do things because of lack of time, money, help, or ideas. You've inspired me!

  4. Don't forget to check out my Spanish lessons - on tuesdays...lesson 2 is up today.

  5. the funny thing.. i have an iphone and it has a to-do list app where you can check off things as you go... i wish you could see my lists!! the funny part is i still write them out, something about them being in my own handwriting, maybe ill get them done sooner!

  6. i looooove my iphone. and they are so cheap now. email me back, i wanted to ask you something. thanks!

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    check it

  8. i love making lists too! and i get such satisfaction when i cross things off the list, makes me feel like i accomplished a lot even if it's very minor things!

    good luck with your list lady!

  9. i'm a list fan too. these are all really great goals. i really like how involved in your community you are. it's awesome!

  10. Seems like everybody likes lists!

    Thanks for the link, Diane. That group is working on the opposite side of the city, but it's nice to see others who care about Charm City and are willing to do something about it!

  11. I like-love-heart making list-s too!!

    I've been thinking of picking up those Rosetta stone, they mainly speak Spanish here in my area and its always a plus if you speak the language.

    I so post recipe and food review also every Saturday!!

    I cannot wait to see yours