Dirty little secrets

I own a pair of gold, bamboo earrings that are at least 4-inches in diameter.

My car hasn't been cleaned out in over a year.

I proudly display a "Pimp of the Year" trophy on the TV stand in my bedroom.

I am smoking again.

My greatest fear is that I'm exactly like my father.

My errand-running outfit is a teal, velor track suit.

I constantly doubt myself.

I talk to my cats, usually in English, sometimes in Spanish and occassionally in "meows."

I have seen the movie Clueless at least 20 times.

My new nickname "MJ" makes me smile--I never had a nickname before.

I am the worst at cliches--I say things like "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free."

I am terrified of marriage.

I wish I were the "hugging type."

I often go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.


  1. Fun secrets! My car still isn't clean (1/4 way there). And I'm not huggy either...I don't remember the last time I've actually hugged Shane. So, do you ever wear the big earrings with the velour track suit?

  2. Only when I'm feeling ultra ghetto-fab!

  3. I can relate to all of the above, especially the earrings, velour and hugging. I can't wait to meet you, are you coming to brunch?

  4. I am looking forward to meeting you also Diane! I will be at brunch, with baklava and my famous rice and beans dish.

  5. I love Clueless! I knew all the lines of the movie when i was in high school and can probably still recite some from memory. It's a classic!

  6. Nicknames are great, especially yours! I've been caught meowing to my cat before, but I always imagined that if cats could understand anything, it would be French. Or cat-french "La Meau" lol

  7. Patrick--You were the first one to refer to me as MJ! I was just using my initials in the blog world in an attempt to conceal my true identity. (I'm paranoid like that!)So THANK YOU!

  8. I need a nickname.
    I live with just about the same set of secrets, minus the tracksuit.

  9. Ha ha... Talking to your cat in english, spanish and meow! Good one.

    Oh and Clueless? I remember playing that over and over during our high school sleepovers. We didn't get tired of having it in the background until the night we switched to horror flicks (for some random reason)...

  10. Uhmmm, so what's wrong with the items on this list? I don't see any horrible attributes here.

    My car is worse than yours. I not only talk to the resident cat, I talk to the strays and I'm not really the huggy type. Again, what's the problem here? :)

  11. your car sounds exactly like mine, and clueless is the best movie everrrrrr.

    you don't have to be exactly like your dad if you don't want to be. just be grateful that you have an example of what NOT to be like...this is kinda how i look at my dad. i'm afraid of turning into him too, but i know i have the power to keep that from happening.

    so take that, dads!!!

  12. aaweee i like MJ!!!!

    I would like to use ur post, i hope that is cool!!!

  13. Of course Novelista Barista!

  14. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I love this post. Clueless is one of the best movies ever. I can pretty much recite every line.

    I talk to my cats. And don't care if it makes me bizarre. And they talk back. And I love it.

  15. I had no idea that Clueless was such a beloved movie!