Snorkeling in the Red Sea (Eliat, Israel)

Written March 14, 2009

After putting on my mask and fins, I dipped my face into the crystal-clear, blue waters of the Red Sea and was greeted by an array of underwater life. Jellyfish, with short tentacles, expanded and contracted, moving gracefully through the water. I reached out my hand and allowed one to rest against my palm with my fingers curved gently around it. Colorful fish swam below, and a school of shimmering silver fish darted in unison like so together formed what looked like one big, magnificent organism. Spiny black sea urchins clung to the coral on the sea floor. I could hear my breathe, slow and steady through the snorkel tube, as well as the shrill sounds of the dolphins swimming around me.

Suddenly, two dolphins appeared before me. One playfully nudged a jellyfish before the pair swam just beneath me. I could feel their powerful tails moving back and forth, forcefully pushing through the water. Amazing.

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