Reflecting on my Birthright Trip to Israel

Written March 12, 2009

After looking through the pictures I'd taken during my Birthright Trip to Israel, I knew what the trip leaders meant when they said, "this is not a vacation but an experience, an adventure."

In just ten short days, I have done everything from riding a camel in the desert to standing before the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and from scaling Masada before sunrise to learning about Kabbalah at an artist's gallery in the mountaintop town Safed.

Looking at the beautiful photos I took--which only capture a glimpse of the true beauty of this amazing country--I was shocked to find that what touched me most was seeing the smiles of the new friends I'd made.

How is it possible to connect with so many people on such a personal level in just ten days?

It was absolutely amazing to take a break from my "real" life and focus on getting to know new people and forming connections that I expect to last a lifetime.

Aviva and Emily, I'd like to thank you both for being awesome and open people--you were great roommates!

Thanks to Pam, Ariel, Ashley and Liz for an awesome last night, and to Sam for making me feel like a kid again.

And thanks to the Israeli soldiers who joined our group. The trip wouldn't have been the same without Guy, Sve, Chen, Gitit and the others who taught me so much about Israel, past and present.

I also have to shout-out Christine for her unfading energy and adventurous spirit, and Shy for being an awesome, down-to-earth kid.

And, last but not least, David for keeping things interesting by constantly breaking my balls.

I will never forget any of you; I hope you'll keep in touch.


  1. I'm sorry for the layout of the text/images, but I can't keep fighting with Blogger!

  2. What an amazing a adventure, Israel is on my top 5 big trips that I want to take. I am in total covet;)