Rainbows and Kittens

Yesterday I learned that the world really is all rainbows and kittens.....rainbows with face-eating elves at the other end and sick, starving kittens.

I went to meet Mary with MAS Rescue at Academy Animal Hospital. She was bringing two kittens--Lucy and Ethel--for me to meet and choose one to adopt. The kittens were emaciated and had breathing problems and runny eyes and noses. They barely moved. It was really depressing. Worst of all, the woman tried to con me into taking one of the kittens even though it would likely die or infect my current kitty. Sick kittens and a face-eating elves.

After that horrible experience, I spent four hours contacting shelters about adopting a kitten. Finally, we decided to drive out to the SPCA on Falls Road. There was one kitten left, eight weeks old and healthy. We took him home on the spot. Meet the new member of our family.

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