Help! I need career advice

I am in desperate need of career advice. HELP!!!!!

I have the opportunity to move into a new position within my office. I would serve as the liaison between my department and the IT department on the reorganization of our intranet and would work on new social media initiatives. It's a high profile position and would look great on my resume. Besides, I'm bored with what I've been doing and have been looking for a way to add blogging, podcasting, etc. to my repertoire.

Just one problem.

My would-be supervisor and I don't get along that well. Also, I am really independent (read: I do what I want!) at work now and may have to give some of that up.

What to do?

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  1. far be it from me to advise anyone to work at work, but it seems like a great step up. also, you might find that the dynamic of the relationship you have with your new boss may change once your roles change