Post by numbers: How I survived Snowpocalypse '10

75 white felt stars painted with three coats each of glow-in-the-dark fabric paint for my Coraline-inspired costume for Saturday night

53 e-mails from my boss, my boss's boss and other people's bosses

36 inches of snow (maybe more--I don't know the final figure, but there was a lot of fucking snow)

9 hours of shoveling

8 trips zipping down a snowy hill on a sled in Patterson Park

7 days without wearing real pants

5 days off work

4 new recipes attempted--lentil soup, banana-carrot muffins, southern-style black eyed peas and slow cooked tenderloin with homemade chutney

3 seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix On Demand

2 six packs of ale, 1 bottle of Captain, and maybe a little whiskey

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Dying laughing over here.... loved this.... :)

  2. ..."3 seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix On Demand"..

    You GO, girl!

    I watched season 3 of Project Runway on DVD!

    And your 4 new recipes sounded awesome!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Whiskey, sledding and no real pants - what more can a girl ask for? Sounds like fun, minus the e-mails from bosses.

  4. maybe your Coraline costume can jolt me of my phobia!

  5. Crazy fun! Minus the emails and shoveling.