J'adore Paris!



Posting pictures using Blogger is a pain.
You can see more of my Paris pics on Flickr.


  1. *sigh* I love Paris...
    Lovely pictures! I must find a way to get back over there sooner than later!

  2. nice shots of Versailles! I haven't been in there in so long I can't even remember when! But I loved it!

    And the Champs Elysées... is that shot from up on top of the Arc du Triomph? Isn't it crazybeing up there and looking down at the cars zipping around? Like little ants that you think are doomed to crash into each other if they keep on their current trajectories, and then at the last minute there's a slight deviation and the collision is avoided! It's mesmerising! ;o)

  3. Your pictures are phenomenal. Thank you!

  4. BakerGirl -- I totally recommend that everyone take at last one trip to Paris in their lifetime.

    Mr. Condescending -- If you follow the link to my Flickr page, you won't be disappointed. I have pics of art by Dali, Rodin, Matisse, Vangough, Monet and more. I know how much you love art!

    CrazyCris -- Versailles was amazing! I could hardly wrap my mind around the fact that people actually lived there. Yes, those shots of Champs Elysées are from the top of the Arc du Triomph. Beautiful! Especially with all the Christmas lights lining the street.

    Holli -- Thanks for the compliment! I intend on writing about the trip later today...J'Adore Paris!

  5. Your photo's are Gorgeous! (wiping drool from my chin)