Best of 2009: Rush

Best of 2009

I'm jumping on the best of 2009 blog challenge bandwagon...Today's prompt is Rush. When did you get your best rush of the year?


The moments that make us feel truly alive
can not be trapped on film
or reduced to nouns and verbs.

I can tell you that my month-long trip to Israel was a life-changing experience.

I can show you photos of the sun rising over the Dead Sea,
the rays of light beaming from the sun,

I can describe for you what it feels like to bathe in the Red Sea
and to have a magnificent bottle-nose dolphin swim just two inches beneath your body,
with the stregnth of it's tail forcing currents around your body.

I can tell you how the Western Wall feels on your fingertips,
smooth and cool to the touch,

But I can't accurately portray what it feels like to walk the Snake Path,
to take that last step up from the ancient, eroding stairs to reach the top of Masada,
as so many have done before you.

I can't show you a picture of the sea sensations that invaded my senses,
the brilliant array of color and movement beneath the surface,
the shrill dolphin sounds penetrating my eardrums,
the taste of the salt on my lips when I came up for air.

And, a photograph can not capture the contradictions of time
realized standing in front of a seemingly indestructible
structure built thousands of years ago,
the transience of my own meager existence,
my lineage, a long line of history and tradition,


  1. Great entry for this topic!
    Your writing is so inspiring...

  2. My parents are headed there this upcoming year. I am so excited for them. What an amazing experience you've had.

  3. I can hear the RUSH in your voice!

    What a WONDERFUL experince that must have been!

    To bathe in the Red Sea...WOW!

    And you're so right...somethings cannot be captured on film. They need to be experienced by experiencing.

    You words here reminded me of my experience while visiting Kyoto, Japan.

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip! If only I were young enough for one of those heritage tours.