I get around

I'm over here today, guest posting for the lovely K13's blog while she is soaking up the rays down the shore. This is my first time guest posting, so please head over to "Someday I'll Get There" and show me some love and check out K13's blog!


  1. hey! popping in from K13's blog (via Dive and Adventure Girl's blog), what an awesome post!

    I lived in Mexico for 9 years but sadly left for college, so I was too young for my parents to let me travel around the country on my own or with friends... everytime I hear from friends here in Europe tell similar Central American tales I get envious! I so miss it all... the ambiance, the friendliness (not to mention all my friends!). I may have been a Gringa in Mexico but I sure felt more Mexican than anything else when I left there!

    From what I've read around here you do some pretty intense and interesting writing... I just might have to stick around for a while! ;o)


  2. thanks for stopping by! you should definitely give scuba diving another try sometime, but in better / more controlled conditions! Once you have a good relaxing dive, all the stress will just float away! :o)

  3. Great post on K13's blog! Your bravery made me laugh.