Me, Me, ME!

The oh-so-fabulous Margarita at Ramblings of a Fab Brunette tagged me for the MeMe award.

Recipients of this award are supposed to share seven things about themselves and tag seven fellow bloggers to do the same, so here goes...

It's all about me!

I often visualize my own demise. For example, when stepping out of the shower, I see myself slipping, falling over the side of the tub and breaking my spine. Or, when I'm making a turn, I imagine my power steering going out, losing control and wrecking head on into the guardrail. Morbid, right?

During my junior year of college I took a leave of absence from my regular university to take a semester at la Universidad de Costa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica. That experience, combined with the six weeks I spent in Guatemala doing volunteer work after I graduated, opened my eyes and changed me forever.

Growing up, my mother and I had a very strained relationship, to say the least. When I graduated high school, I moved out and got an apartment with a boyfriend. My mom didn't approve and I was cut off financially. About a year into paying my own way, I called home and apologized for being a horrible daughter. Eventually, I got rid of the scummy boyfriend and even spent the last quarter of my senior year living at my parents' house.

I don't understand--and never have understood--the allure of drinking games like beer pong and flip cup. Card games like Rummy and Poker are fun, but I don't need to play games to drink. I can pound my liquor without being forced, thank you very much.

I am not a "girly girl." I rarely wear make-up. When I do, it's mascara and translucent powder. And maybe some tinted Burt's Bees. I can't scream one of those high-pitch, horror-movie style screams. My voice is just too sultry for that frequency. I don't squeal. I'm not afraid to get dirty. I prefer sneakers to heels. (Though I do have some red patent-leather stilettos that are to die for). I can't hold a conversation about celebrity relationships, shopping, reality TV or make-up. With, ease I spout out words that many women are embarrassed to even hear. I don't freak out at the sight of an insect or rodent. I do get pedicures regularly though......

The only sport I like to watch is soccer. D.C. United games are so much fun. There's this group, "La Norte," that comes to every match with war paint, drums and smoke bombs. They sit in the crappy seats, behind the goal on the north-side of the field. I have always wanted to join them, but I never see any women in their section. I'd probably be eaten alive.

When I was a cocktail waitress, all I wanted to do was finish college and get a "real" job. Now that I have a "real" job, I pine for the days of slinging drinks, sporadic work schedules and late-night partying. I guess it's true what they say--The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I tag....
Lora (because I know how much she loves talking about herself ;)
Fidgeting Gidget
Novelista Barista


  1. Hooray!
    thank you!

    and this: My voice is just too sultry for that frequency.

    I believe when I found out you were only 18 (all those years ago) you said "I know I sound like a 60 year old diner waitress but I'm really an 18 year old cocktail waitress"

  2. Hehehe, I have to admit, I have theorized my own demise in many of these same situations as well...particularly, situations where I could feasibly be electrocuted...

  3. Great read, I love learning new things about bloggers. Love the sultry voice!

  4. i totally do the visualizing-my-own-demise thing. all the time. maybe we're just prepared?

    i've said it before, but i love how much your positivity comes through, even in something like a meme. awesome.

  5. aweee thanks lady lady!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  6. I'm a demise visualizer also... It is morbid but I like to think of it as being prepared!

    Thanks for the comment on my post, I just wanted to know if there is anything going on in DC that you think would be worth hitting up sometime between Wed-Saturday? We've been back and forth alot growing up so we have hit majority of the museums at one time or another. Any festivals, farmers markets, flea markets or local activities happening that you can think of?

    Thanks for offering to help us find fun things to do!

  7. I am totally envious about the Costa Rica trip... I really want to go there!!

  8. I totally picture my own demise too and I cannot do my hair at all nor do I wear makeup often. I'm so not a girly girl!!

  9. I had no idea that the visions of dying were so common. I feel much less creepy now. Thanks guys!

  10. Thanks MJ!!

    Im totally not a girly girl either! I'm still trying to figure out the whole eyeliner thing and i keep heels in my office only so i can just sit at my desk in them, but ask me to walk a block, yeah, not going to happen!


    Thanks for educating us about yourself. Your life is something. You had so much on your platter till date. I have something similar to your first one. I often think how it must feel to die. LOl

  12. I picture my own demise as well. I also picture incredibly humiliating almost demises. My voice isn't sultry (I wish!) but I can't scream to save my life.

  13. Great post...love finding out new and interesting things. Every woman should own one pair of to-die-for shoes. I cringe when I have to wear makeup because I suck at putting it on. The only drinking game I will play is flip cup...and only when Im totally wasted to begin with! Haha!~