I can, I will, I should...

I can't...stand having to wait...do a cartwheel...imagine life without cheese...believe it's only Thursday....sing worth a damn,

but I can...
speak Spanish...keep dreaming...take time to stop and smell the roses...kick your ass in Rummy...drink most men under the table...see past superficial bullshit.

I won't...take "no" for an answer...
budge on my beliefs...play the blame game...step on people to get ahead...watch reality TV shows,

but I will...
tell Jack everyday that I love him...drop everything to help a friend in need...accept responsibility for my actions...never stop learning.

I shouldn't...
think about work on the weekends...feel bad about things I can't control...take things so personally...worry so much,

and I should...write an "updates" post, it's long overdue...quit smoking...exercise regularly...learn to control my road rage.


  1. Updates post !! You should ;)

    This was really cute!

  2. i love how much positivity comes through your blog. every time one of your posts shows up in my reader, it makes me smile. but i really like this one, since it has so much to do with the power we have to make our lives what we want them to be. awesome, and well played.

  3. LOL u go girl for drinking most men under the table!!!!

  4. Ah...am a smoker too....:))

    Nez...wish i had been able to come up with a list like that...but i can't. But your shouldn't section makes you an interesting one to know. I think you should carry on with both, the exact way it is.. :))

  5. Ok, so it's settled...an update post is on the way!

    Thanks for your kind words, Kelsi. The funny thing is that I think I come across as much more cynical in person. Like you said, I definitely believe that we all have the power to make our lives what we want them to be. But sometimes I think this belief of mine causes me to be to hard on myself and others.

  6. i heart your posts! also so positive and honest and motivating....

    i am an ex-smoker! something i thought i could NEVER do but i did and so can you!

  7. Thanks for the support everyone!

    I need to really WANT to quit smoking to make it work. Right now, it's summertime, and I just want to lay around in the sun, drinking and smoking. Can you blame me?

  8. I love this post and how it paints such a great picture. I don't smoke but I could go for laying in the sun drinking a pina colada or some other concoction. And I should exercise regularly too.

  9. great post! i haven't played Rummy in forever. and the world would suck without cheese.