Goals for the New Year

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions...I am way too logical for whimsical wishes of happiness, world peace and an end to hunger. Not that these aren't valuable goals. It's just, I'm a realist [read: pessimist] and these things are simply not attainable in a one-year span.

As a realist, I've decided not to resolve to do anything in 2009, but instead to set some goals for the New Year. Goals are the realist's resolution. Unlike resolutions--steadfast decisions--goals may or may not be met and are fluid enough to allow for change.

With the semantics discussion out of the way, I present my goals for 2009:
  • Apply to graduate school. I am 98% certain that I want to get a MS in environmental sciences, the other 2% of me says "anthropologist" or "linguist."

  • Get outdoors once a week, and write about it. My sedentary job and busy, urban lifestyle have been cutting into my nature-loving-tree-hugging-hippy side. I want to get out more often and then write about it.

  • Use my Spanish more often. Foreign-language skills fade fast without practice.

  • Cut myself some slack. Jewish guilt is no joke. My mother raised me to never be satisfied with my best and to always strive for something better. While guilt is a great motivator, it can wear you down and make it impossible to celebrate accomplishments. One day, maybe even this year, I will be able to look myself in the mirror and say: "You are a good, successful person." And mean it.

  • Express affection. I want to hold Jack's hand in public more often, kiss him for no reason at all, stay in bed on a Sunday just to cuddle, and wrap my arms around him each day, as though I hadn't seen him in a year.

  • Forgive, but not forget. I'd like to forgive those who have tried to drag me down and those who have left me with emotional scars. Most of all, I'd like to forgive myself for allowing these people to influence my decisions and weigh heavy on my heart and soul.My past, as sordid as it may be, makes me who I am today, so I can never forget it. But, forgiveness would be good.

  • Get back in touch with my creative side. I want to paint, design, write, draw, work with metal, piece together collages, take up sewing....my creative side has fallen victim to my 9-5. It's time to reclaim it!


  1. those are good goals. Have you ever been hiking in Patapsaco State Park? I love it there and it is really close to you.

  2. Here, Here!!! All great goals :) You can do it!!

  3. I am not a big believer in resolutions either. I have always gone for things like to remember everyone birthday or read 10 classics. I like your goals! I hope that accomplishing them is easy and rewarding for you.

  4. those are great goals! i really hope you can achieve them! i wish u luck!